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imperative - Dictionary definition and meaning for word imperative

(noun) a mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behavior
(noun) some duty that is essential and urgent
(adj) requiring attention or action
Example Sentence
  • as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative
  • requests that grew more and more imperative

(adj) relating to verbs in the imperative mood
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imperative

you have to attend your "important r(el)ative "...nd tht meeting is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and IMPORTANT
17       3

by cp.jethani

if we divide it looks like impe(important)+rative(sounds like native)....so indian government has released a IMPORTANT notice to all its NATIVES.
1       7

by preetisoni2411

Imperative = Imp(Important) + erative(Native). As an important native/citizen it is "Absolutely necessary & critically important" for you to vote for your nation! :)
1       4

by avinav

IMP+eRATE+(f)IVE-> if the run RATE is below fIVE then we shoud immediately take ACTION by hittin some quick boundaries..etc
1       5

by hidus

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