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headlong - Dictionary definition and meaning for word headlong

(adj) excessively quick
Synonyms : hasty
Example Sentence
  • made a hasty exit
  • a headlong rush to sell

(adj) with the head foremost
Synonyms : headfirst
Example Sentence
  • a headfirst plunge down the stairs
  • a headlong dive into the pool

(adv) with the head foremost
Synonyms : headfirst
Example Sentence
  • the runner slid headlong into third base

(adv) at breakneck speed
Synonyms : precipitately
Example Sentence
  • burst headlong through the gate

(adv) in a hasty and foolhardy manner
Synonyms : rashly
Example Sentence
  • he fell headlong in love with his cousin

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for headlong

Sounds as headstrong,i.e; adamant or unthinkingly daring (person who is very strongheaded)
9       13

by saikiran

Haveing a LONG HEAD is symbollic to being haughty (because they think they are smart). Someone who is haughty is very rash and headlong.
2       6

by nic42991

I rush everywhere and therefore I hate people who take a LONG time to HEAD out
1       1

by lsarkiss

In the headl(ONG_bak) movie, the fight seens are very RUSH & HASTY
1       0

by rajakumaran

one whose head is long (figuratively),will try to put his head first in everything i.e.being hasty n rash...
1       0

by vakerorohan

( those ppl whose hairs are long are hasty n rash in combing their hair.. as they are hasty...)
0       4

by rakei

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