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gestate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gestate

(verb) have the idea for
Example Sentence
  • He conceived of a robot that would help paralyzed patients
  • This library was well conceived

(verb) be pregnant with
Example Sentence
  • She is bearing his child
  • The are expecting another child in January
  • I am carrying his child

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gestate

the period prior to d born of baby is called "gestation period" so gestate is the period of evolution of any idea.. :)
18       2

by saumya88

GAS+PATE- when somebody is pregnant, it seems if PATE(stomach) is full of GAS.
8       16

by userdce

Garvabati state. hope it helps...
4       5

by shootdemup!

gestate: GEnerate early STATE of ideas or baby in mind or womb.
2       11

by prosun

IT is the time from conception to birth, so as we know a pregnant woman's bally looks like its filled with gas. So her current state is GAS~STATE
1       0

by tamz_rulz

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