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foment - Dictionary definition and meaning for word foment

(verb) try to stir up public opinion
Synonyms : agitate , stir up

(verb) bathe with warm water or medicated lotions
Example Sentence
  • His legs should be fomented

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for foment

Foam starts to appear once you profusely foment (stir up) a soapy hot water bucket(2nd meaning ).
63       5

by nic42991

Science students can easily remember it as it sounds similar to fermentation.. and stirring is an important part of fermentation process.
29       9

by Administrator

f[oment] => moment. In dynamic kinetics, moment incite wheel to rotate.
6       4

by pateheo

FIRST - MOMENT...the initial or first moments of any successful person began with motivation
3       11

by saikiran

when a dog "foams at" the mouth it is "agitated"
2       1

by Suikurai

foment rhymes with torment... when you torment someone, you stir anger up anger in the person.
1       2

by Maijid

sounds like ferment....when you ferment something you apply warmth to it(by keeping it in a cloth or closed vessel)
1       2

by nileshdive

foment sounds like ferment
1       1

by aroraraman309

a batsman comes into form(sounds like foam) when he is INSPIRED by some one
1       0

by cnbhaskar55

STIRRING UP a soapy hot water bucket PROMOTES/INCITE the growth of FOAM.
0       2

by lebshah

stop stirring up eggs for a moment(foment) and add flour
0       1

by ayca

sounds like tournments where players usually stir up and get instigated
0       0

by mm0303

extract the word "Foam" and think of the Foam used in fire extinguishers to put out a fire->Foment means to instigate,cause to burn,...
0       0

by melancholica

0       0

by melancholica

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