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filibuster - Dictionary definition and meaning for word filibuster

(noun) a legislator who gives long speeches in an effort to delay or obstruct legislation that he (or she) opposes
Synonyms : filibusterer

(noun) (law) a tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation by making long speeches
(verb) obstruct deliberately by delaying
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for filibuster

something that is filled to burst the final outcome (which delays the outcome)
24       3

by mailtosuka

fili(fill)-buster...anything filled will block something.therefore word=block-buster(usually action movies are block buster hit movies).....therefore block action by making long speeches
19       28

by kruthika

film-block-buster delays release of other movies
7       8

by deepster89

filibuster they fill the speech with bursts.
1       7

by Administrator

In most college fests between two major events fillers are put to waste time...
1       2

by deepakkinni

its related to inhibiting a bill.. so it can be considered as BILL + BUSTER
1       0

by Sandeep_15

Image: chamber filled with busted brains, the gruesome fragments delayed any passing (the room and the law); while the filibuster wielder still stood and speaking. Story: Other legislators were so bored their heads exploded.
0       3

by joeyessoe

film makers keep on DELAYING the movie by sayin stupid reasonz..
0       0

by bharathpns

to FILL the time with long speeches to BUST legislative action.
0       0

by xsugrbbyxx

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