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fatuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word fatuous

(adj) devoid of intelligence
Synonyms : asinine , inane , mindless , vacuous

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for fatuous

remembles FAT ASS an ass is considered foolish
88       3

by abhi_vaj

focus on 'fat' in this word ..for some foolish people fat people are generally foolish
21       14

by gre_guru

generally fat people in US are foolish!!
7       6

by astepahead87

Fatuous - "Fatu" In hindi Fatu means one who dont have much confidence in doing things. So Fatu is one who dont have brain(barinless) and foolish, thats why he is not that so confident
6       4

by sagarbudavi

faLtu bolne wala - foolish n insane!
5       8

by avinav

INFATUATED means unintelligently and foolishly in love. Fatuous means unintelligent or foolish.
3       0

by dshefman

fat buddhi meaning stupid..
1       3

by 1.6k

Focus on the FAT in the word, then think of Larry the Cable Guy, who is fat, who makes fatuous comments, and who seems content with his foolishness.
1       7

by bugmenot

1       6

by rishib1988

Fatuous = 'fataha'
1       3

by supradip

fatuous=think of a fellow who becomes fat by eating and does not spend any time to become intelligent; foolishly self-satisfied
1       3

by ksubbian

FArTuous......what will you call your friend farting frequently??? IDIOT
1       3

by nileshdive

1       1

by dshefman

sounds like farthin.. farthing in crowd is too foolish and silly
0       16

by bluehole

0       5

by MissionGirl2010

FAT-U ous:u gotta b inane asinine to b fat..
0       0

by sagar_jhobalia

fattos hain woh
0       0

by swap.kamble

Fatuous is always worn by stupid & uncultured person.
0       0

by shaktipada

remember those lame-tards in MTV Roadies who call each other fattu instead of Phattu? boy are they FOOLISH.
0       1

by tonymontana

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