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duress - Dictionary definition and meaning for word duress

(noun) compulsory force or threat
Example Sentence
  • confessed under duress

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for duress

u + dress; that is u enforce your wife to put on a particular dress.
51       5

by rhasan

Remember "durex". U r forced and restrained to use a condom to safeguard urself from STDs
25       14

by jay_gandhi

5       1

by dshefman

dure means hard like in endure.. so duress also means hard condition thats forcible..
3       8

by muffisoni

Duress rhymes with 'stress'
1       1

by carbonmonoxide

DURess(logon se dur)..when you are away rom people, you are in duress
1       2

by nileshdive

duress - darr se
1       0

by anindyajyotiroy

DUring REStraint->DURESS:when u say somebody did something under DURESS u mean that they did it during a period of restraint and thus, were forced to do it
1       0

by melancholica

do+stress = duress
0       0

by Mallik279

Duress= Do + rest..> Your boss got a job of completing 10 files and he threats you by saying I will do one, you do the rest.
0       0

by Gregarious

He put her under DURESS to DO LESS Curse
0       0

by miranda7

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