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crimp - Dictionary definition and meaning for word crimp

(noun) an angular or rounded shape made by folding
Synonyms : bend , crease , flexure , fold , plication
Example Sentence
  • a fold in the napkin
  • a crease in his trousers
  • a plication on her blouse
  • a flexure of the colon
  • a bend of his elbow

(noun) someone who tricks or coerces men into service as sailors or soldiers
Synonyms : crimper

(noun) a lock of hair that has been artificially waved or curled
(verb) make ridges into by pinching together
Synonyms : pinch

(verb) curl tightly
Synonyms : crape , frizz , frizzle , kink , kink up
Example Sentence
  • crimp hair

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for crimp

CRAMP...why does cramp occur in you legs....because your the vein gets COMPRESSED....crimp means compresssssss........
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by nileshdive

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