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cohere - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cohere

(verb) come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation
Synonyms : adhere , cleave , cling , stick
Example Sentence
  • The dress clings to her body
  • The label stuck to the box
  • The sushi rice grains cohere

(verb) cause to form a united, orderly, and aesthetically consistent whole
Example Sentence
  • Religion can cohere social groups

(verb) have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results
Example Sentence
  • the principles by which societies cohere

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cohere

involves word "co"+"here" everybody come here...means stay together
15       1

by srnayak17

co again resembles together, her resembles aa female, so anyone,wants not to live together with a pretty woman(her),but,would like to stick together...lol..!!!
4       4

by sriharisharma

cohere similar to adhere which also means -> stick to
1       0

by rhasan

cohere sounds more like adhere which means stick to or stick together.
1       0

by murarkaankit

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