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chaste - Dictionary definition and meaning for word chaste

(adj) morally pure (especially not having experienced sexual intercourse)
Example Sentence
  • a holy woman innocent and chaste

(adj) pure and simple in design or style
Example Sentence
  • a chaste border of conventionalized flowers

(adj) abstaining from unlawful sexual intercourse
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chaste

sex CHESTE(to do) it is no more a CHASTE (pure,virgin)
20       2

by gykk4u

sounds like "caste"...caste is always one...it cannot be mixed...so PURE
17       25

by srnayak17

Sounds like Taste. You Taste the Food if its pure and has no impurities like dirt.
3       3

by vivekharin

Sounds like CHASE and WASTE: Following or CHASING a teen girl who has no ROMANTIC,EROTIC or LOVE MAKING INTEREST is a WASTE of time
3       2

by BNS

the higher caste of hinduism ie., the brahmins went to jungles for yaga and lead a brahmachari life.without having sex..
2       5

by sai dasika

your are just a waste for being chaste till now..
2       0

by shri

in telugu we say chasthey a paani cheyanu means having moral values
2       0

by sabitha.poladi@gmail.com

CHASTE:make it cha + taste. it implies that the cha(tea) is tasteful bcoz all the ingredients of it are pure.
1       0

by deepakranamech

you waste your life if u chaste your life (excuse the improper usage, hope this helps)
1       0

by ashpreetbedi

chaste = charity + superior. charities for poor will be lead by mother superior and they are pure and simple
0       5

by arulmozhi

chaste=c+haste(speed)....(see how speedly he was driving....this statement is made by purehearted,modest,sensitive fellow
0       1

by ajaypasagada@gmail.com

imagine a girl who dont had given her chest(chaste),so she is viginal and pure.
0       0

by gdabli

it sounds like chest.the boy who never touched the chest/breast of a girl is really pure
0       0

by Firoza

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