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boor - Dictionary definition and meaning for word boor

(noun) a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement
Synonyms : barbarian , churl , goth , peasant , tike , tyke

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for boor

boora in hindi resembles something bad. boore log, boora kaam...
32       1

by sriharisharma

You boo someone which is insensitive. so boor is insensitive, rude
4       0

by sahana

prof.BORA in robo film is very rude
3       0

by bunny466

Boor:Split into boy+poor:when somebody says a boy is poor in front of him ,it's rude and insensitive.
1       0

by HienSteve

boor sounds like poor, when you ignore a person by thinking he is poor that’s rude or insensitive
0       0

by praveenkatti16

BOO-ER = unpleasant person who scares everyone with his manners and rudeness.
0       0

by Anais-anais

We either get bore or rude when someone talk insensitively
0       0

by kapildev4u

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