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anarchy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word anarchy

(noun) a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)
Synonyms : lawlessness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for anarchy

Anarchy-Sounds like 'monarchy' (like tibet was ruled by monarchy)...so, absenceof government
17       0

by rajdip

Anarchy = A + Narchy -> Narakh (like "hell" in hindi).. and in hell there is complete disorder and lawlessness.
7       1

by aka.bhagvanji

sounds like hierarchy take “a” as no hierarchy i.e state of disorder
3       3

by ksameer_coep

anarchy(noun)….divde this word like AN(.when used as prefix before noun it means..person)+arch(y)…means…most important or head of something……now think of a country in which there is no person at the most importanat position(usually a rular,or PMor
1       4

by preetisoni2411

1       0

by birinder.singh2

sounds like 'monarchy'(king ruler).so related government.
0       1

by Administrator

the most importanat position(usually a rular,or PMor president...).to rule the country..to amend laws for country. so now think what will be the situation of that nation....obvieously..disorderness everywhere.
0       2

by preetisoni2411

anarchy= a+archy => without+ruler
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by karthickv2006

ANARCHY = The boy is out of order demanding a anar (fruit) chocolate.
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by shaktipada

ANARCHY<===> अव्यवस्था/अराजकता (pr. \\avyavastha/arajakata \\ )[Noun] Example:Bad government can give rise to anarchy.
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by tpant

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