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allude - Dictionary definition and meaning for word allude

(verb) make a more or less disguised reference to
Synonyms : advert , touch
Example Sentence
  • He alluded to the problem but did not mention it

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for allude

all+nude for a girl is not safe.so she refer that indirectly to her BF.
105       8

by friendofafriend

17       6

by prats_rocks

All-u-Did.Imagine some one scolding a group of people but his eyes were only on one person REFER INDIRECTLY that everything was done by him.-all-u-did.-
10       9

by saikiran

ALL+NUDE....when you see all people nude,it HINTS that you have come to a wrong place...
4       5

by nileshdive

allude sounds similar to a lewd,meaning a philanderer.so yu dont refer someone a lewd directly,u REFER INDIRECTLY
2       5

by imajeeth

Sounds like allusion ~ illusion which means indirect reference.
1       0

by jk18

allu + ud:allu ko gesture(indirectly kehna) se kehna ud jaa nahi to sabjiwala tuze katega.
1       4

by gbspaithan

ALLUDI gariki we cant directly we have to say indirectly
1       1

by raghunathreddy

allude is similar to "allure" which is to trap or lure...so we can make up a line "all dudes" are allured into trap by refering a place indirectly.. this mnemonic if for those who knows the meaning of allure
0       4

by hidus

allude= all+ u+ do refering indisrectly to every thing you do.
0       5

by lakshmihs

ALLUDE<===> संकेत करना (pr. \\sanaket karana \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:He alluded to the problem but did not mention it. ALLUDE<===> ज़िक्र करना (pr. \\jaikr karana \\ )[Noun]
0       0

by tpant

illusion and allusion!
0       0

by phalgun007

Not to be RUDE, so you allude.
0       0

by eric0109

"Allude" is a rule in talking something bad about others.
0       0

by eric0109

" Am I Allowed to Allude to this Allusion in the meeting?? "
0       0

by roozbeh33

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