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affinity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word affinity

(noun) (immunology) the attraction between an antigen and an antibody
(noun) (anthropology) kinship by marriage or adoption; not a blood relationship
(noun) (biology) state of relationship between organisms or groups of organisms resulting in resemblance in structure or structural parts
Example Sentence
  • in anatomical structure prehistoric man shows close affinity with modern humans

(noun) a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character
Synonyms : kinship
Example Sentence
  • found a natural affinity with the immigrants
  • felt a deep kinship with the other students
  • anthropology's kinship with the humanities

(noun) the force attracting atoms to each other and binding them together in a molecule
Synonyms : chemical attraction
Example Sentence
  • basic dyes have an affinity for wool and silk

(noun) inherent resemblance between persons or things
(noun) a natural attraction or feeling of kinship
Example Sentence
  • an affinity for politics
  • the mysterious affinity between them
  • James's affinity with Sam

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for affinity

affinity (replace the second f with k), and then the expansion goes like this: A F(eeling of) K(inship &) similar)ITY.
11       22

by aka.bhagvanji

Mathematicians have an affinity for infinity.
10       6

by ag2900

AFFINITY sounds like AFFEEM in hindi which is a drug...so drugist have special keenship for affeem which is affinity for affeeem
7       4

by swikar

affinity ~ a+feel+near+ity; you always have feeling of kinship (affinity) for people you are affiliated with.
6       1

by iqbalnaved

fin- is the thing to see,fish fins ae almost similar.
2       15

by sriharisharma

A Fine City ; ur birth city will always look fine to you and will have sympathy even if its small city as u have a natural liking to it
1       0

by Gireish

AFFINITY<===> सम्बन्ध (pr. \\sambandh \\ )[Noun] Example:I share a special affinity with her.
0       0

by tpant

chemistry students may remeber electron affinity
0       0

by tabish2609

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