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abscission - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abscission

(noun) shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant
(noun) the act of cutting something off
Synonyms : cutting off

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abscission

It had the word sciss(scissors) in it.Scissors are used for Cutting,seperating..
37       0

by Goks

ab + scission = scissor scissor separates two things by cutting them ,so separation
13       0

by puneetrstg

"abscission" sounds like "Recession"..nw a days companies are cutting their employs due to recession.
5       1

by dhaknejyoti

its from word abscissnic acid which causes cutting of bud off the plant. so abscission is cutting off
3       4

by akshay shah

rogate is something that sounds rogam which should b abolished......
1       3

by kanamathareddy

Imagin word in following way "absc I ssion". Here " I " is separating "absc" and "ssion". SO it is nothing but cutting these words.
1       4

by yogendraghatpande

rootword meaning ab(away)scission(scissors)=== scissors cut away anything in two parts
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by sunithreddy

it may be from abscissa,i.e X-axis, X is crossed or cut off
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by eagle

Using word roots, abs=away or off and cis=cut/kill, hence abs+cis+sion= cut something off
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by karan1337

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