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abnegation - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abnegation

(noun) the denial and rejection of a doctrine or belief
Example Sentence
  • abnegation of the Holy Trinity

(noun) renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abnegation

abnegate: ab+nahi+get; meaning giving up something
38       15

by bugmenot

Ab-negate ~ relate negate to negative and ab to away. It implies subtracting something. Subtracting (removing away) some important aspect of your life means sacrificing something.
15       1

by Administrator

abnegation=ab+negation. negation part could be considered as saying negative answer. when you say NO to something, you have rejected it or renounced it
12       2

by Nassim

Ab-abishek, negation-negitive,,,," Abishek bachan sacrificed himself to do negitive role in RAVAN as director requested him"
10       8

by AHR

abnegation= absent negotiation= when two lovers cant negotiate with their parents about their love they have to self sacrifice for others
6       2

by usmledhk

ab+negation..negation means negative or not..Even they dont like or not.. 'ab'away.. they give away.. they sacrifice.
6       0

by passionate

abnegation negation =negotiation usually during negotiation u have to sacfice sumthng. so negation=self sacrifce
3       3

by tanushree1807

abnegation- abne-apne , gation sounds like nation..apne nation ke liye mene self sacrifice de diya
3       0

by kinnari

Abnation is part of life in abbey(The dwelling place of society of monks and nuns.) Abbey can be remembered by OBEY. (Monks and nuns obey the rule.)
1       4

by ria_anu123

ab-negate: ab (now) I negate (nullify) myself..
0       0

by akshayjain07

state of having no ego-abn(o)eg(o)tion- sacrifice state
0       0

by komya

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