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abhor - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abhor

(verb) find repugnant
Synonyms : abominate , execrate , loathe
Example Sentence
  • I loathe that man
  • She abhors cats

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abhor

abhor sounds like "a whore" and we generally hate a whore....so to hate someone is abhoring that person
130       8

by gre_guru

ab + hor (horror) -- that means we should always hate the horror.
16       1

by shabinmahadevan

Abhor - The last part sounds like HORror ppl hate horror films, they detest them. i.e they dont test them.
14       16

by gregenie

a + bhor = a (one) + bhor (sunrise in hindi) so i hate to ger up early i hate to get up at bhor
9       2

by everlasting.puneet

a + bhor (bore).. a bore person is always rejected. Many people generally abhor a bore person.
8       5

by dimplegirl_p

abhor = "ab" (away) + "hor" (prostitute) we want the hor to go away because we despise it.
6       3

by minksquare

abhor is similar to abort,abort means an operation ended abruptly..consider wen your installing your most liked game and den suddenly if u see an error called operation aborted u hate(abhor) that,isn't it?
4       2

by sunny-dexter

aBhORING , Sounds like a BORING that many would hate . People always hate boring topic . Abhore- Bore - Hate
4       0

by kool4Gre

ABsolutely HORrible .. we hate things which are absolutely horrible like war or murder
3       0

by rohitnayak

Focus on "hor"(suffix) hor=horse--so ,i hate horse
2       20

by meduriswetha

AB means(now)+ (hor) hor meaning in punjabi is more..image the person is sayin ab hor de..means giv me more...so u hate it!!
2       3

by bullet9036

looks like adore, b is the mirror image of d so, abore must be the mirror image(opposite) of adore(to love),ie. hate
2       0

by tonymontana

Focus on "hor"(suffix) hor=horse--so ,i hate horse
1       23

by meduriswetha

In MTV roadies there was person name Vibhor...nd i ppl hate them..it sounds like Abhor
1       2

by AVP123

i hate a bore(boring) person.... so abhor means to hate !!
1       1

by Chandini18

abhor sounds like boring. We hate when we are bored
1       0

by s.c.harish

Bhor in hindi means morning we regard morning with hatred'ki kyun aa gaya yaar kitna acha soye the' so abhor
1       1

by iima.ankit

hate bore horrour movie
1       0

by sansecretcp

'abhor' sounds similar to 'whore', a prostitute. Imagine a whore hates you more than you hate him when dirty people visit her.
0       5

by rajeevy

What a horrific uproar which sounds like abhor or uphoar!!!! Or Ewwwwwwwwwwww!
0       0

by otimuz

ab (now) gor (snoar in marathi)
0       0

by priyavanjeri

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